Labrador Removals: A Better Option for Cheap Storage Facilities on the Gold Coast

Have you been searching for a cheap storage facility on the Gold Coast? Perhaps you are relocating from one house or office to another and need a place to store your stuff while you wait to move into the new house or building. Or maybe a loved one recently passed away, and you need a place to keep their furniture and other belongings while you figure out how to move forward. In either case, you want to find a storage facility that is affordable, but where the affordable price doesn’t require you to sacrifice the safety and security of yourself.

Introducing Labrador Removals

As far as cheap storage services on the Gold Coast, you can’t beat Labrador Removals. Founded in 1989, Labrador Removals is one of the oldest and most trusted services for personal storage on the Gold Coast. As a locally owned and family operated business, we at Labrador Removals pride ourselves on offering a friendly and affordable service that you can count on. Bottom line, when you choose us as your cheap storage solution on the Gold Coast, you will get peace of mind that your stuff is secure and well cared for—all without putting a major strain on your wallet.

Why Labrador’s Cheap Gold Coast Storage Facilities Are Better Than Self-Storage Units

If you have spent much time looking for a cheap storage facility on the Gold Coast, you have likely noticed a trend. Most of the personal storage services in the area offer what is called self-storage. In self-storage, you rent out your own storage unit and can then essentially use that space as you please. You are in charge of delivering, unloading and organising your stuff, and you can come and go on your own terms.

At Labrador Removals, we don’t offer self-storage as part of our business plan. What we do offer, though, is arguably much better for the customer. Instead of giving customers keys to individual units and letting them do what they want with those units, Labrador Removals provides a service that is half storage, half pickup and delivery. So if you are moving and need a place to store your furniture or belongings, for instance, we will send someone to your home or office to load your stuff onto a truck, deliver it to our cheap storage facility on the Gold Coast and unload it. When you are ready to move your stuff out of the storage facility and into a new home or office building, just give us a call! We will load your belongings back onto a truck, deliver it to your new location and unload it there. Relocation and furniture storage have never been this easy.

Self-storage units might sound like the convenient option, because of their accessibility and flexibility. But unless you have a whole team of people who are always ready to help you move your furniture, self-storage usually ends up being a bigger hassle than it’s worth. Try out Labrador Removals for a more convenient and more efficient option.

Interested in learning more about Labrador’s cheap storage facility on the Gold Coast? Call us at 07 5554 5003 for additional information.