Choose Labrador Removals for a More Secure Furniture Storage Facility on the Gold Coast

If you are in the process of selecting a furniture storage facility on the Gold Coast, then the chances are pretty good that you’ve considered at least one self-storage option. Self-storage facilities appeal to a lot of people because they are inexpensive and seem wildly convenient. You pay rent on a small garage-like unit and can then come and go as you please. Anytime you need to drop off a piece of furniture or pick up a belonging from the unit, you can.

The Cons of Self-Storage

Unfortunately, self-storage facilities are cheap for a reason. Security at these facilities, for one, is virtually non-existent. While some facilities might have surveillance systems installed, others are hot targets for thieves and other unsavory individuals. There have even been horror stories of people who have stored, manufactured and sold drugs out of storage units. Add the fact that other storage unit owners are coming and going as they please, as well, and it’s difficult to know that your stuff is safe when you choose a self-storage option.

Another reason not to go the self-storage route for your furniture storage plan on the Gold Coast is that some units are poorly built or poorly maintained. Cheap prices for storage units reduce the likelihood that the unit has acceptable climate control systems or protection against the elements. Some units are leaky and can flood during a bad storm, in turn leaving your furniture in ruin. Other units can be musty, moldy or just plain filthy. Not exactly what you are looking for in a furniture storage facility on the Gold Coast.

Finally, with self-storage, there is no oversight to what customers are storing in their units. While you might be renting out your Gold Coast unit for purposes of furniture storage, another person might think it is perfectly reasonable to store flammable, corrosive, toxic or explosive materials in their unit. Obviously, such materials are big fire hazards, but while you might be smart enough to keep them out of a storage unit, other people aren’t. And of course, if the unit next to yours bursts into flames, your unit is going to be damaged and destroyed as well—along with everything inside of it.

Labrador Removals: A More Secure Furniture Storage Option on the Gold Coast

Just because you eliminate all self-storage businesses from your list of potential furniture storage facilities on the Gold Coast doesn’t mean you are out of options. On the contrary, a much smarter and more secure option can be found through Labrador Removals.

When you choose to work with us at Labrador, we dispatch a vehicle to your location to pick up your furniture and bring it back to our storage facility. This facility is secure, well cared for and protected against the elements, to ensure that your stuff is kept safe and in good condition. Since customers can’t come and go whenever they want, the risk of theft or other illegal activities is minimised. And since we pick up and store all customer assets ourselves, we can also review different items to make sure nothing flammable or otherwise hazardous is being loaded into our storage facility.

Whether you are storing inexpensive college dorm room furniture or priceless antiques, there is no sense in playing roulette with the safety of your stuff. Call Labrador Removals today and make us your furniture storage facility on the Gold Coast! You can reach us directly at 07 5554 5003.