Why You Should Choose Labrador Removals as Your Gold Coast Furniture Movers and Removalists

So you’re moving to a new home or relocating your business location, and you need a little bit of help moving and managing the furniture. Labrador Removals is a Gold Coast furniture removalist that can help you with even the heaviest, most awkward and least mobile appliances or pieces of furniture.

But why should you work with us instead of hiring another company of Gold Coast furniture movers? What sets Labrador Removals apart from the competition? Why are we more well-equipped to move your pianos, pool tables, couches or refrigerators than any other business in the area? Read on to find out!

Commitment to You and Your Belongings

At Labrador Removals, we are committed to providing 100 percent customer satisfaction. Because we know how stressful a residential or business relocation can be, we want your move to go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We do this by having an unflinching dedication to you and your belongings. Not only do we provide $100,000 in transit insurance to protect you in case your stuff is damaged during the move, but we also use pads, ties and other tools to make sure that fragile furniture pieces—like a piano, for instance—makes the trip safely and securely.

Experience and Knowledge

Another reason why Labrador Removals is one of the best companies for Gold Coast furniture removals is our sheer level of experience. We have been working as removalists since 1989. In that time, we have learned and mastered all of the best tricks and strategies of this craft, from how to manoeuvre large items in and out of your house to how to keep them safe in our trucks. To safely move fragile and cumbersome items like grand pianos, you need people in your corner who have amassed years of experience and gone through specialised training. At Labrador, our furniture movers have done both.

Family Atmosphere

In addition to being a skilled Gold Coast furniture removalist, Labrador Removals is also a homegrown family business. And who could possibly be better equipped to help a family move than a business built on the bonds of family? Trust us: we’ve done relocations and moves with our own families, and we know how challenging and stressful they can be. As a furniture removalist, it’s our job to help shield your family from those challenges and stressful situations. Best of all, since we are a family business, you can always trust us to keep your family’s best interests at heart.

Hire Labrador As Your Gold Coast Furniture Removalists Today!

With our family friendly work ethic, our considerable knowledge and skills, our 25 years of experience and our commitment to our customers and their belongings, Labrador Removals is the right company to help you move! We aren’t just furniture movers, but rather moving strategists, and we promise to make the relocation process as simple as possible for you!

Check out our website at www.labradorremovals.com.au to learn more!