Store Anything, Even Pianos and Pool Tables, with Labrador Removals’ Gold Coast Furniture Storage Facilities!

Often, when you go to a Gold Coast furniture storage facility to stow your stuff, you are bound by the size of the unit that you are given. Most Gold Coast furniture storage facilities have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when it comes to providing individual storage units. This kind of limitation can obviously be a problem if you need to store a lot of very large, heavy furniture.

Flexibility in unit sizes is one of the things that sets Labrador Removals apart from other Gold Coast furniture storage facilities. If you only need to store a few armchairs and a couch, we can get you a smaller furniture storage space. If you need to store a larger load of furniture, though—king bed frames and mattresses, huge dining room tables, pianos, etc.—we can find you a spot to store those items, as well. Best of all, regardless of what your Gold Coast furniture storage needs are, we at Labrador Removals will make sure you get a reasonable price for the storage space you require.

Labrador Removals: Your Gold Coast Piano and Pool Table Specialists

At Labrador Removals, we actually have a reputation on the Gold Coast for being specialists in moving of pianos or pool tables. These pieces of furniture are tougher to move than most, partially because they are extremely heavy and partially because they often have awkward shapes that are difficult to navigate through doors, hallways or staircases. Pianos are also quite fragile and can be damaged permanently—or at least left considerably detuned—by too much jarring motion.

When you hire Labrador Removals, you get more than just a Gold Coast furniture storage facility. Indeed, we also provide comprehensive moving services, from packing services to furniture removals. If you need help getting a grand piano from an upstairs living into a moving truck two or three flights down, we have the equipment and experience necessary to execute the removal. The same goes for pool tables and other large or unwieldy pieces of furniture.

The Right Gold Coast Storage Facility for Your Needs

If you need a place to temporary store your furniture after your move, Labrador Removals can take it directly from your home to one of our storage facilities. And if you do require a Gold Coast storage space, you don’t even have to go through the uncertain guesswork of estimating how much space you will need. Instead, we will load all of your furniture into one of our modern moving trucks and see how much space it takes up. That information will tell us precisely how much storage space you need, so we can call ahead and arrange the necessary storage unit for you.

So whether you need a piano removalist, a Gold Coast furniture storage service or both, Labrador Removals is the company you are looking for. Find out more about us online, at, or call us at 07 5554 5003 to get additional information about our secure Gold Coast furniture storage facilities!