Let Labrador Removals Oversee Your Gold Coast Office Relocation with Expert Movers and Removalists

Relocating a company, or even just a single office, can be one of the most chaotic and exhausting processes ever. Suffice to say that most office managers are not ready to coordinate anything with as many moving parts as an office relocation process. Some businesses will even hire an outside consultant to lead an office move, simply because relocating an office is something that not a lot of people have ample experience with.

At Labrador Removals, though, we are the exception to that rule. We have been doing Gold Coast office removals for 25 years now, ever since we started as a family business in 1989. Two and a half decades later, we are still a family business, and we’ve only learned more about office relocations along the way.

More Than Gold Coast Office Movers

When you hire our people from Labrador as your Gold Coast office movers, you are really getting so much more than just office movers. Sure, we’ll do the heavy lifting and help you get desks, filing cabinets, computer and furniture from your old office to your new one. More than that, though, our office removalists will help you to coordinate and execute your office relocation so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

As mentioned previously, office relocation is a process with a lot of moving parts and components. You have to decide which items are moving to the new location and which are not; you need to properly label everything—from computers to boxes of books to files—to remember who it belongs to and where it is supposed to go; you must look at the layout of your new office space and determine where workstations will go and how the office will be laid out as a whole; you need to make sure that nothing is lost or broken in the move.

Hire Labrador as Your Gold Coast Office Removalist Today

These are just a few of the responsibilities that fall upon someone entrusted with overseeing the relocation of a business. Needless to say, this is a lot of work for any one person to take on—especially if that person has not dealt with an office move before. That’s where Labrador Removals comes into the equation. With 25 years of experience as Gold Coast office removalists, we are the people you want in your corner as you go through this challenging and overwhelming process.

So what will we do to help you? We will communicate with you to understand your goals for the new office space. Then, we will move your furniture and other business assets into the new office in such a way that it is easy to set up however you want it.

We will also take all necessary precautions to protect furniture, electronics and other items during the move. Finally, we will connect you with self-storage businesses, in case some of your business’s stuff needs to go into storage while the office move is completed. In short, Labrador Removals will be there every step of the way to help you with your office relocation.

Interested in hiring us as your Gold Coast Office Removalist? Contact us today and we’ll get started planning your move!