Labrador Removals: The Premier Piano Removalists and Pool Table Movers in Gold Coast

Contrary to popular belief, piano movers aren’t just people who can lift a heavy load. While pianos are indeed very heavy, that isn’t all that makes transporting them such a difficult hurdle. As Gold Coast piano movers, we at Labrador Removals know that moving a piano is more of an art than anything else. It involves careful handling and manoeuvring, strategic planning, safe transit practices and complete focus from all involved. These skills and pieces of knowledge are cultivated over years of experience and training, and cannot be learned overnight.

In other words, while you could ask your weightlifting buddies to help you move your priceless baby grand to a new house, doing so would probably not be the best decision. Trying to move a piano yourself, meanwhile, would be an even more misguided decision. Piano moving accidents can happen in an instant, and can cause thousands of dollars of damage, injury or both.

Why Is Moving a Piano Difficult?

The question is, why can’t you move a piano yourself? Why are there companies like Labrador Removals that label themselves as Gold Coast piano removalists or movers? After all, other instruments—from acoustic guitars to drum sets—can be transported with relative ease.

For one thing, pianos are extremely heavy. An upright piano—the smallest and most manoeuvrable type of piano—generally weighs somewhere between 200 and 400 kilograms. With a grand piano, you can bump the low end up to 300 kilograms, and the heavy end up to 600. Even with no other factors considered, a piano’s weight alone would call for the help of piano removalists.

The other problem with piano removals is that these instruments generally have an incredibly awkward shape. Upright pianos are the easiest to move, and even they present a top-heavy design that can be dangerous to carry up or down stairs without at least four people. Needless to say, you don’t want your upright piano tipping over because there wasn’t a person there to catch it.

Grand pianos are considerably more difficult. They aren’t top-heavy like uprights are, but they do have bulky, irregular shapes that makes them a nightmare to get up staircases, through doors or down narrow hallways. These are challenges that piano movers like the removalists at Labrador Removals are trained to handle. Labrador Also Provides Gold Coast Pool Table Removals

Pianos aren’t the only heavy and awkwardly shaped items that the experts at Labrador Removals are trained and experienced at moving. On the contrary, we also advertise ourselves as Gold Coast pool table movers.

In some ways, pool tables aren’t as difficult to move as pianos. They don’t have the fragile and delicate internal components that pianos have, nor are they quite as awkwardly shaped. However, pool tables are extremely heavy, generally weighing in somewhere between 300 and 400 kilograms. They are also a bit wider than the average door or hall, which means that getting them into the room where you want them to be can be a challenge.

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