Gold Coast Removalists Can Oversee Entire Relocation Process, from Packing to Removals

Moving can be the most tedious and stressful process in the world. From packing up your belongings to removing big pieces of furniture from your old home and office, all the way to transporting your stuff to its new destination, moving is a pain. Wouldn’t it be so much more convenient if someone else could just oversee the entire process for you?

Believe it or not, someone can. At Labrador Removals, we specialise in Gold Coast removalist services. Typically, that means that we help our clients remove heavy or cumbersome items from their old home and take them to a new address. Couches, fridges, pianos, pool tables, huge cabinets or wardrobes, other big pieces of furniture: these items are our forte at Labrador Removals.

Packing Services Available for a Custom Experience

However, at Labrador, we don’t limit our services to removals of furniture and other large, heavy items. On the contrary, as Gold Coast removalists, we pride ourselves on being able to offer custom packing and removal services based on what you need from us. If you are fine packing up most of the belongings in your home, and just need us to handle the bigger items, we are happy to do so. If you’re out of time and simply need a group of professionals to come in and pack your entire house, we can do that too. It’s all up to you!

Regardless of how much or how little packing you want us to do for you, Labrador will arrive at your home with a fully trained staff of removalists, and with the best and most modern packing materials available. One of the big benefits of hiring a staff of removalists to pack up your house is that we know how to pack up all of your fragile or valuable items so that they will be safe and secure for the trip to your new home!

Gold Coast Removals and Placements

When people hear that Labrador specialises in Gold Coast removals, they picture us simply removing furniture and other belongings from a house. That’s only half of what we do, though. While getting items out of your old house is big part of the removalist service that we offer, we are equally skilled at getting items into your new house.

One of the big frustrations of moving for most people is that it’s such a long and fatiguing process. Everything moved out of one house must be moved back into another; everything that was packed must be unpacked; everything that was taken out of its place at the old house must be put into a new place in the new house.

At Labrador Removals, we’ll let you unpack most of your smaller belongings, but we’ll handle everything else. From getting large and unwieldy furniture into your house, to placing furniture in the various rooms specified, we take a lot of the stress out of the unpacking process as well. In other words, we aren’t just about removals, but about placement as well!

Interested in working with Labrador Removals as the Gold Coast removalist for your next move? Contact us today!