Call Labrador for Gold Coast Removals

Most of us have been faced with a removal that has been a logistical headache from start to finish. Maybe you had to relocate a business because you had outgrown the space or the landlord had increased the rent. You may have had to relocate for work or to a larger home as your family grew too large.

You decided to move yourself by renting a truck, but you knew you were in trouble when you realised that all of your stuff did not even come close to fitting in the rental truck. You also probably couldn’t quite figure out how to get that sectional sofa through any of the doorways. How the heck did the furniture delivery guys get it in there? You were sure you remembered that it fit through a particular door sideways… Didn’t it?

You then realised that you had to have some significant knowledge about how refrigerator doors are attached when they had to be removed to get the fridge out of the kitchen. You lacked the sufficient carpentry skills to remove and replace the interior doors in your home to gain the adequate clearance to get Grandma’s Victorian Armoire out of the bedroom.

You can avoid all of these calamities when you call Labrador Gold Coast Removals for your Gold Coast Removals. With twenty-five years of experience and a fleet of modern vehicles, we will provide exactly the right size truck. We can also figure out the exact geometry necessary to get that sofa through any opening and can quickly disassemble any appliance or furniture for safe transport.