Looking for Gold Coast Secure Storage Facilities? Contact Labrador Removals

An office relocation is a major undertaking – one that typically requires a lot of additional help. There are countless things that you have to do, and often, some form of storage is needed at some point in the process.

If you’re in the process of organising an office relocation for your business, and you’re in need of help, you can rely on the friendly team at Labrador Removals. From the task of picking up and removing furniture and other bulky items from your place of business to providing storage if necessary, in a secure facility, they render a full range of Gold Coast safe storage solutions to suit every need.

Labrador Removals Provides Great Removals in Gold Coast and Secure Storage Facilities

With so many things to worry about throughout a typical office relocation, the last thing that you want to fuss with is finding a storage company to hold on to your furniture, files, or any other heavy items such as bulk office supplies during your relocation. With Labrador Removals, that isn’t a problem! Their Gold Coast secure storage facility is a safe place where you can count on the protection of your valuable items. Just let them know what you want to put into storage, and they will make the arrangements for you during the removal process.

Labrador Removals has vast experience in working with both corporate and government offices for their relocations and has the skills necessary to ensure that everything arrives at its proper place. That includes placing the items that you indicate into a Gold Coast secure storage facility until such a time as you’re ready to use them. Whether you’re simply moving to a different office in the same building, or you’re moving into a new space entirely, they can help. Just get in touch with their reliable team, and they’ll help you develop a time frame for your removal that works on your schedule.

Why Trust Labrador Removals for Your Removal and Storage Job?

There are many reasons to trust in Labrador Removals when you’re in need of expert help for your relocation. This family-owned business has been in operation since 1989, serving the Gold Coast with precise and expert service. They own their equipment, and will come to you to load up their trucks with your furniture, boxes, and other heavy items.

Their business is fully insured, and they use a fleet of modern vehicles that are more than up to the task of helping with all of your relocation needs. Whether you simply have a lot of office furniture that requires relocation and storage in our Gold Coast secure storage facilities, or you also have sensitive office equipment in need of safe storage, their team can help. Their removal team is highly trained and qualified, and able to assist you regardless of your situation. To hear more about what they can do, contact them on 07 5554 5003 for more information or to schedule your removal and storage today!