Labrador Removals Provides Piano Removalists and Pool Table Movers on the Gold Coast

Grand pianos and pool tables are both fun pieces of furniture to have in your home. Pianos, for one, are not just instruments, but are also often gorgeous pieces of furniture that can tie a living room or foyer together. Pool tables, meanwhile, are just a lot of fun to have and can be the cornerstone to your home’s bar or game room area. The problem with having both of these pieces of furniture is that, in addition to taking up a lot of space, pianos and pool tables are notoriously difficult to move. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire piano removalists or pool table movers on the Gold Coast when you do decide to move.

Indeed, you’ve probably seen movies or TV where they had to use a crane to lift up a grand piano and load it into an apartment or house through a second story window. It’s enough to give any homeowner and music lover nightmarish images of their prized grand piano tumbling from a substantial height and essentially bursting into splinters and wires on the pavement below.

At Labrador Removals, it’s our job to help you vanquish those horrific images from your mind. As experienced piano movers on the Gold Coast, we are ready to help you with the logistical and spatial challenges of transporting even the biggest grand piano from one address to another. It doesn’t matter whether your piano is a grand or an upright, nor does it matter whether the piano is going on the first floor or the third. If you have a piano that needs to be moved, then we at Labrador Removals are the movers for the job.

The Challenges of Moving a Piano

Moving a pool table is challenging simply because the size, weight and shape of the design is so unwieldy. Moving pianos, though, is another type of challenge. Suffice to say that you won’t find many piano removalists, on the Gold Coast or anywhere else for that matter. Of all the items and assets in your house, there is arguably nothing that presents more challenges to movers than a piano.

The pitfalls are numerous: pianos are expensive and fragile. If we are dealing with a grand (or even a baby grand) it’s as unwieldy in shape as a pool table. If we are dealing with an upright, then it’s top heavy and in danger of tumbling over in transit. Add the challenges of protecting a piano’s internal hammers and strings—there’s a reason that most pianos go out of tune during a moving journey—and it’s not difficult to see why there aren’t many piano removalists out there.

Taking on the Challenges of Piano and Pool Table Removals on the Gold Coast Since 1989

At Labrador Removals, though, we don’t shy away from the widely recognised challenges of moving pianos or pool tables. That’s because we have been calling ourselves piano removalists and pool table movers for a long time. We’ve been a family business since 1989, and in that time, we’ve learned the art of moving these heavy and challenging items.

Indeed, we have a staff that is specifically trained in piano removals. Using specialised tools, time-proven strategies, technical knowledge and unique skills learned over a long period of time, we are confident that we can safely get your piano or pool table safely to its new destination.