Professional Removalist on the Gold Coast

Labrador Removals is your Professional Removalist on the Gold Coast. Some companies call themselves removalists but lack the experience and the expertise to handle all aspects of the move. We have all heard the horror stories about furniture and dishes being damaged and broken. We have also heard about scrapes and damage to walls and doors by a careless removalist. You know exactly what those companies are going to say when you complain about the ripped fabric on your favourite sofa. “It was like that before we touched it!”, and “Those scrapes were in the timber floors when we got here!”

Labrador Removals has been the premier removalist on the Gold Coast for twenty-five years. We will expertly pack your belongings and disassemble any items necessary for safe and careful transport. We will show your possessions and your property the respect they deserve, as we take great pride in our reputation as experienced professionals. We earn that reputation every day, and we know that one wrong “move” can destroy twenty-five years of excellence.

We are the Gold Coast removalist that provides exemplary service at a fair price. We can even store your belongings if your new property is not ready for occupancy. We specialise in difficult situations. We are piano and pool table experts. We love to solve difficult access situations.

Experience for yourself how Labrador Removals has established ourselves as the removalist in the Gold Coast area for all of the challenging and important removals. Your neighbours chose Labrador; you should too!