Important Considerations When Choosing Removalists on the Gold Coast

When choosing removalists on the Gold Coast, there are a number of factors you should consider.

First, can they provide storage solutions if I have to vacate one property and the destination property is not ready yet? We all know that there are many logistical concerns to moving your family or business. The removal does not always dovetail perfectly with the occupation date. This can be caused by construction delays, other tenants still in the property, renovations, etc. Labrador Removals offers storage of your items at our secure location. When we pack up your belongings, just notify us as to which items need to go into storage. We will store those items, and when you call us, we will deliver them promptly to your destination.

Second, do the Gold Coast removalists provide packing services? The key to having your precious belongings arriving at their destination unharmed is appropriate packaging. While many homeowners/business owners are very careful when packing their things, they do not have the twenty-five years’ experience that Labrador Removers does in exactly how to pack delicate or large and bulky items so they are not damaged in transit.

Third, Can the Gold Coast Removalists handle large, difficult items like pianos or pool tables? Pianos and pool tables require specialised knowledge and equipment to move. A grand piano is extremely heavy and must be transported on its side to get through doorways. The legs and parts of the case must be removed, and the soundboard and strings must be protected. Any scratches or scrapes to the finish can significantly diminish the value of the instrument. Many of the same considerations apply to a pool table. Many slate billiards tables are built in place, and if the surface came in multiple pieces that were glued together and covered in place, it would be much harder to remove. Labrador Removers has all of the expertise and equipment to move any pool table or piano properly.