Labrador Removals: Furniture Removalists That Make Your Gold Coast Moving Process Easier

Whether you need help moving a heavy item like a grand piano, relocating an office without losing all sense of organisation or storing your stuff while you move to a new house, Labrador Removals can help you. Since 1989, we have been helping homeowners and businesses with every stage of their relocation processes. From boxes to beds, filing cabinets to furniture, we are the Gold Coast removalist that you should call if you can’t figure out the logistics of a move on your own.

What Do Removalists Do?

When you begin to pack up your home for a relocation—whether to a new house down the street or a far-off address in Sydney—there are some items that are easy to pack up on your own. Boxes of books, bedding and other items from your linen closet, bags of clothing: these are belongings that can easily be tossed in your car and driven over to your new address.

However, as you probably already know, the entire moving process isn’t that easy. As your belongings get bigger and more cumbersome, moving becomes more difficult. From couches to kitchen appliances that you want to take with you, grand pianos to pool tables, there are probably at least a few assets in your home that are extremely hard to lift or transport. Some of your stuff might not even easily fit through your door!

It is for items like this that you will want to consider hiring a removals expert, or removalist, in the Gold Coast area. While you will have friends and family offering to help you move, there are some things that you simply shouldn’t try to remove from your home without the help of a trained professional. Labrador Removals is staffed with expert removalists who will help you through every stage of the move, from removing the heaviest and most cumbersome items, all the way to helping you find temporary storage (if you need it, that is).

Labrador Removals on the Gold Coast Offers Insurance and Other Protections

If you do decide to hire Labrador as your removalists on the Gold Coast, we promise that you will not be disappointed. Not only are we very experienced in the art of furniture removals (we’ve been in the removalist business for 25 years), but we are also a family company. In other words, we’ve done stressful relocations with our own family, and known how challenging and daunting the whole process can be.

With that in mind, we always strive to provide you with as much peace of mind as possible. For instance, we will make sure your belongings are packed into our trucks securely. For pianos alone, we use pads, ties, and good positioning to ensure that damage does not occur in transit. We also provide $100,000 transit insurance, so if something does happen when your belongings are on the move in our truck, they will be protected under that policy.

Interested in learning more about Labrador Removals on the Gold Coast? Contact us today!