Labrador Provides Expert Business Removals on the Gold Coast

There are few things more stressful than relocating your business. The largest concern centres on business interruption. The relocation of your business is always expensive. However, the disruption of your business operations can be fatal to your continued business success. During the move, your employees are generally not very productive. Their desks and computers are disassembled, the orderly work flow is disrupted and just forwarding phone calls and messages takes additional steps. One of the biggest fears is whether your regular customers can find you if you are shut down too long.

We have the experience to pack and transport your Gold Coast office equipment in an organised manner so that each workstation can be reassembled just as it was before the move. You will not see a pile of computers and other equipment left at the new workstation with a tangle of cords for some staff member to sort out. We will label and wrap the furniture so that it arrives in the same condition it left with all the hardware necessary to reassemble it. The items from each office or work area will be separated on delivery so the employees don’t have to spend days sorting it out.

Another significant concern is the security of your valuable business information. How can you be sure it isn’t lost or stolen during the move?

Labrador Removals delivers as seamless an office relocation as possible, with as little business interruption as possible. We place a high value on protecting your sensitive company information. We emphasise clear communication with our customers so that we can understand your objectives and coordinate every aspect of the move to minimise downtime.

This is why many businesses on the Gold Coast have chosen Labrador for their business removals.