Pianos lend a beautiful focal point to any room they adorn, whether you’ve inherited one as an heirloom or you are a musician with a passion for playing. However, moving these fragile, weighty items poses unique challenges most individuals can’t tackle on their own. Labrador Removals understands the unique needs associated with moving pianos and offers Gold Coast residents a superior piano removal service at competitive rates. When you call our staff in to move your piano, we use only the proper equipment to lift and transport the instrument. Once placed inside our suitably-equipped trucks, we secure your piano with tie-downs and pads specially designed with his purpose in mind.

Because moving pianos safely require years of training and practical experience, finding a reliable and professional piano removals service is arduous. You don’t want to rely upon a service without the correct equipment or the staff with the talent and technical know-how to accomplish the job properly. Labrador Removals offers you a secure and safe service with guaranteed peace of mind. When you need pianos relocated with care, we get it done right each time.