Temporary Storage Solutions

Moving is a complicated process — sometimes, you must vacate your current location before you are ready to move into a new space. At Labrador Removals, we understand this is a particularly strenuous situation. For those who need temporary or short-term storage of some of their possessions or furniture, we can help. While we do not offer self-storage due to insurance restrictions, we do provide a convenient solution.

First, take advantage of one of our packing services and allow us to either fully or partially pack up your current residence. Let us know which of these items require storage, such as heavy objects or furniture. Once we secure them with our safe packaging materials, our crew will load the items onto our truck. We will then take these items back to our safe, secure facilities where they will be kept in a clean environment until you have the space you need for them once again.

We will temporarily store your items in our secure location until you are ready to retrieve them. Once you’ve moved into your new home or office space, just give us a call, and our crew will be on the way to return your items. This service is a helpful, convenient add-on to our normal range of removal services. When you are short on time and need a place to put a few items of furniture, Labrador Removals can help. You can trust our family-run business to keep your belongings safe.

Have questions about how we manage storage?

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